Custom Designs

Cross Bar Gallery specializes in creating truly unique, one-of-a-kind custom designs.  We will work with you to select the item, fabric, hide, leather, and any artistic embellishments you may wish to add to any type of furniture.  Whether you are looking to design a single piece of furniture, or a whole houseful, we can help!  Here's how it works!
Generally, every custom design starts with you contacting us to find out if we can create what you have in mind.  Call or email us and let us know what you are looking for and what you are looking for in terms of a general design style or look.   You can be very vague or very specific; we will start with whatever your needs and ideas are.  For example, you may know only that you need a new sofa, and that you want to use combinations of leathers and fabrics.  Or perhaps you have a question about whether we can create a custom chandelier.  Whatever you have in mind, the starting point is give us a call, stop by the Gallery, or send us an email.  From there, we will have an INITIAL DESIGN CONFERENCE.
This can happen during the initial contact, or we can set a time to do this via email, by telephone or in person.  During your initial design conference, you will speak with one of our talented designers and we will get some ideas of what you are looking for.  From there, our designers will pull different fabrics, hides, finishes and pictures for you to select from.  During this conference, you can show us pictures of your room, or other furniture you are coordinating with.  You can provide us with the dimensions of your room or room layout if you would like assistance.  In-home design conferences are also available by appointment in the Oklahoma City area.  We may need several design conferences, either in person or by phone or email before you finalize your custom design.
Once we have narrowed down the color scheme and design elements of the item you have in mind, we will pull swatches and samples for you to review and approve.  We can do this in person if you are local, but if you ar out of town, we will send you the swatches through the mail so you can actually touch and feel the leathers before we finalize your order.  This will also allow you to place the swatches in the room where your piece of furniture will be placed when it is finished to ensure the colors look like you expect before we have your item built.  Many times, we send multiple swatches for you to try before you are completely satisfied with your selections.
Once you have made your final decisions on the design of your product, we will put together an exact price for your item and document the details of your design on a custom order form.  You will need to approve the design by signing the custom order form or confirming it in an email before we will place the order with our vendor.  This is to ensure the product is built precisely to your specifications.  If there are any additional handling, service or delivery charges, this will be included on your sales quote at the time for your approval before the order is placed.  Before we place the order with our manufacturer, we must receive 50% down.  The balance will be due when the item is shipped. 
Most custom furniture orders require 6 to 8 weeks for production.  Many items can be produced much faster, depending on availability of materials, such as specialty leathers, hides or frames.  Items with exotic hides and specialty artistic touches may take longer.  We will do our best to obtain a projected completion date for your item and meet your needs for delivery.
Again, thank you for your interest in our custom design service!  Let us know how we can help you by contacting us at (405) 943-5600 or emailing us at